Puppies and large dogs meet potential pet parents at fitness center in Durham

Featured on ABC 11

Did you catch us on the news again last week? Thank you, ABC 11 WTVD for featuring our rescue puppy adoption event at O2 Fitness – University Drive, along with the need to get our sweet rescue animals into loving forever homes!

Rescue puppy adoption event in Durham, NC

“All of them were either born in rescue or were born in the shelter and we brought them into rescue shortly after. There are a lot of pregnant mama dogs in the shelter all the time, especially right now. And shelters are just not a good place for a dog. It’s just very stressful for the moms and for the babies. So we try to get them out of there as soon as possible.”

Tucker, our longest rescue resident

Tucker has been in rescue for two years,” said Jane-Howard Staples of the Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary, organizers of Sunday’s adoption opportunity. “He was abandoned on a chain outside of someone’s house near Charlotte. And we got him off the train and into rescue. He had heartworm disease really badly. We treated him for heartworm disease.”

“He got super healthy. And he’s the sweetest dog, as you can see right here. He just loves everyone. He meets other dogs and people just seem to pass him by on the website. There’s just a lot of pit bull breeds out there, and a lot of black dogs. Statistically, they’re just easier to overlook because the camera doesn’t catch their faces as well. And so he’s just one of those dogs that gets overlooked for no…no good reason,” she continued.

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