Next Steps for Our Sanctuary Rescue Clinic in Chapel Hill!

Animal Rescue Clinic in Chapel Hill

We are very excited for all of the potential that lies ahead for our sanctuary rescue clinic! Right now, our veterinarians, vet tech. assistants and rescue volunteers offer clinic hours five times a week. During that time, we are able to provide care that includes sick and well visits, comprehensive blood tests, vaccines and preventatives, wound care, heartworm treatment and more.

But we are finally so close to being fully operational in our vet clinic at the sanctuary! And this will make such a difference for all of the rescue animals in our care – and the thousands more to come. By expanding our capabilities in our sanctuary rescue clinic, our veterinarians will be able to offer more extensive medical care, including spays, neuters, a wide variety of surgical procedures – and much more. 

Animal Rescue Clinic in Chapel Hill

How you can help!

The goal with our full vet clinic is to not only help many more animals but to also eventually manage the cost of the care we provide by working primarily in-house. That being said, the cost to outfit a vet clinic is not insignificant. We are working daily to find the best equipment at the best cost as quickly as we can. That is where donations will be immensely helpful. While there are logistics that take time, in the end, it is the funding that will determine how quickly we are able to get things going. We are so eager to realize the full potential of the momentum that drives all of us who chose to be a part of this amazing organization!

Every donation helps us to provide necessary care to ensure a happy and healthy life for our rescue animals. If you would like to participate in this hopeful venture, please consider donating towards our efforts.

Animal Rescue Clinic in Chapel Hill

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