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Puppy yoga and adoption event at O2 Fitness University Drive

We had a wonderful time 02 Fitness in Durham on Sunday, July 30th, bringing some of our adorable adoptable puppies to a yoga class! This was a donation-based class with the proceeds benefiting Beautiful Together. We’re very happy to say that the class was full, so look out for future classes as we will be doing this again!

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Next Steps for Our Sanctuary Rescue Clinic in Chapel Hill!

But we are finally so close to being fully operational in our vet clinic at the sanctuary! And this will make such a difference for all of the rescue animals in our care – and the thousands more to come. By expanding our capabilities in our sanctuary rescue clinic, our veterinarians will be able to offer more extensive medical care, including spays, neuters, a wide variety of surgical procedures – and much more. 

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Gift in Honor of Loved Ones

What’s the sweetest, most thoughtful way to say ”you’ve captured my heart”? A gift in honor of loved ones, or in memory, that ensures our rescues have the chance to find someone special of their very own! Making a gift in honor of a friend, family member, sweetheart or beloved pet is simple. Visit the […]

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