A mama cat’s special story of hope & love:

Sweet Arya’s Story of Resilience

Many of you might remember Arya (Taylor), who was pregnant and had just been hit by a car when we brought her into rescue last fall. We have an update on this mama cat’s special story! Only her premie kitten, Santi, who weighed only 2.4oz, made it. Two days after Santi’s birth, Arya had to have emergency surgery, and so Santi’s amazing foster worked tirelessly at bottle feeding, while ensuring Arya recovered fully.

A mama cat’s special story

Thanks to their foster’s love and nurturing, Santi began to thrive and eventually Arya was able to take over mama duties!

After many days and much love, Santi developed an independent and happy personality of her own, and Arya was ready to go to Cat Tales Cat Cafe to find her forever home. We’re so happy to say that she’s done just that, and is now ready to live the spoiled cat life!

A mama cat’s special story

These happy stories would not be possible without the love and diligent care of our fosters. If you are interested in fostering to ensure we can save more animals like sweet Arya, please join us!

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