Meet the cat who fell in love at first sight!

cat who fell in love

A cat who fell in love: Mona’s story of patience, love and fate. This past Mother’s Day, a barista at Coco Bistro found a cat in the midst of some rough weather. She was looking rough herself – emaciated, half of her hair gone and clearly struggling. But she was also incredibly sweet and clearly wanted help. 

We immediately brought her into rescue so our vet team could examine her – and not only was she severely underweight, she had a severe flea infestation and her teeth were in terrible shape, clearly causing her a lot of pain. Our first order of business, before we could do anything else, was to get this sweet girl healthy again.

Once she’d put on weight and stabilized, we brought her in for dental surgery. Although not inexpensive, she was clearly hurting and we knew it was necessary. After surgery, nutritious food, lotions to help her hair grow back, and lots of cuddles, she was finally recovered enough for her spay. We had to carry out her appointments in stages to make sure she was healthy enough for each procedure.

Finally, after months of surgery, recovery and care, she was ready to be adopted. We brought her to our partners at Cat Tales. She immediately hid from the other cats. As a stray who had seemingly been on her own for a while, we believe she had likely gotten attacked, which led to this fear. 

Meanwhile, a kind gentleman who had previously adopted his beloved late cat from Cat Tales, and had been coming into the cafe regularly for months to greet each of the kitties to see if there was a connection with one, spotted Mona. She had been there for only hours when he arrived. He picked her up, held her for an hour, and by the time he left he knew he wanted to adopt her. 

When we brought her to his home to make it official, we were greeted by a sweet sign out front, “Welcome, Mona!” She circled the room, watched him sit down, and then immediately hopped up and curled up beside him on the couch, purring and very clearly claiming him as her own. 

She felt so at home that she made sure to oversee the signing of her adoption donation check! Since then we have received wonderful updates from him that she’s flourishing in her new home, they’ve fully bonded (which we got to witness!) and that he’s so happy to have Mona in his life. 

cat fell in love

This happy second chance for both cat and human is all possible thanks to her finder, the dedication of our rescue, our foster caregivers, our vet team, our partners at Cat Tales – and the much-needed support from our community. It definitely takes a village!

Every donation helps us to provide necessary care – like Mona’s surgeries – to ensure a happy and healthy life. If you would like to participate in this hopeful venture, please consider donating towards our efforts. 

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