Meet Our Lab Mix Puppy

Buddy, our sweet lab mix puppy, gets a chance to experience a loving and warm environment!

Buddy is an 8 month old lab mix puppy who wandered up to someone’s house last month. They were unable to keep him or bring him inside, but they kept him safe and fed while they looked for a rescue to take him in. That’s when we stepped in to help!

Lab mix puppy

We got him all vetted and ready to go to a foster! Now he’s making new friends, learning to play, and finally getting to be the happy go lucky puppy he should be!

Buddy’s story is a great example of how life changing fostering can be for rescued animals. You get to provide often overwhelmed or scared animals with a warm, safe, kind, and loving environment so that they can be themselves. Offering them good food, exercise, and stimulation helps them become healthier and more confident, which sets them up to be able to find their forever homes!

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